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Guerciotti’s compelling story started in 1964 when Italo, a noted and expert cyclocross rider, decided with his brother Paolo to open a small show of 20 square meters (for selling and maintenance of bicycles, in Via Petrella 4, Milan). It was Italo who transmitted cycling passion to Paolo… in 1961 he began to ride, revealing his competitive and successful dedication to cyclocross, riding the world championships in Saccolongo, 1979. Paolo Guerciotti decided to open a shop in Buenos Aires. In 975, thanks to the commercial success, the two brothers decided to expand it again in Via Tamagno.

1975 was a historical year for the Guerciotti company. In fact, besides increasing the manufacturing of racing bikes thanks to the Paolo’s Guerciotti dynamism, Guerciotti had commercial escalation with export of products all over the world, mainly in the USA, sponsoring the American Ten Speed Drive. It is really in this era that the Guerciotti gained worldwide appreciation, receiving attention from the important cycling news magazine ‘Bicycling’.

In the ‘80s. the USA market was important for the Guerciotti brand, becoming absolutely one of the leading brands in the road cycling. In 1976, Guerciotti bikes debuted in the pro circuit, sponsoring the pro team Fiorella Mocassini, and continuing with Fiorella Citroen, Magniflex Fam Cucine (winning 5 stages at the 1979 Giro d’Italia), Santini Selle Italia, Alfa Lum and Dromedario Sidermec. In those years, many important riders won with a Guerciotti bike, like G.B. Baronchelli and Giovanni Battaglin.

Thanks to the cooperation with professional teams, Guerciotti is fully advanced in terms of technology and design. For this reason, Guerciotti bicycles are requested in all markets and all of the major cycling shows (Milano, Colonia, InterBike, EuroBike).

In 1976, Guerciotti bikes cooperated with the cyclocross team GBC, directed by Dino Zandegù, with Paolo Guerciotti riding. In 1977 Paolo Guerciotti founded the cyclocross team Guerciotti: GS GUERCIOTTI. This team, in the following years, will become a landmark for the cyclocross in Italy and the world, getting the surname of “multinational in the mud” and the “Mapei of cyclocross”, winning 10 world championships. These successes were very important to gain relevant commercial success. In fact, the Guerciotti brand became the leading brand in this discipline, gaining also a monopoly in the Belgium market, thanks to the success of two of the stronger riders in cyclocross history: Roland Liboton and Vito Ditano.

In 1983, Paolo Guerciotti founded the Guerciotti Export Srl: the “reparto corse” and the wholesale business. In those years Paolo Guerciotti understood that the market evololution, and in order to be more competitive, offered all distributors and dealers a 360° service. Thanks to this choice, Guerciotti expanded his border trade, selling also in South America.

In 1984, Guerciotti celebrates 20 years of activity, inaugurating a new building in via Pasteur. In cyclocross, Daniele Pontoni achieved high levels, getting for Guerciotti the tenth world champion in the cyclocross.

The new millennium for Guerciotti started with the 35th-year anniversary and the inauguration of a new headquarters in Via Petrocchi. The 2000’s started with a plan made by the company for a return in the “reparto corse” in the professional circuit. Starting from here, cooperation with various teams (juniors, U23, pro women) brought victories and great visibility to Guercioti brand. In those years, young riders Mauro Santambrogio, Jacopo Guarnieri, and Adriano Malori, as well as women riders Vera Carrara, Olga Slyoussareva and Valentina Polkhanova, all helped with success.

In 2004, Guerciotti returned to the pro circuit with the Team LPR, directed by Omar Piscina. In three years, this new team achieved important success with Coppa Bernocchi (Danilo Napolitano in 2005), one stage at the Tour of Swiss (Daniele Contrini) and the participation in such historical races as Milano Sanremo and Paris Roubaix. In those years, Guerciotti also had Pavel Tonkov and Dmitry Konyshev, who added to the rich history.

The return to the pro circuit brought immediate, great commercial results with Paolo Guerciotti and his son, Alessandro (entered officially in the company in 2000). They continued to invest in this field to increase sales. Sponsorship with Gianni Savio’s team in 2007 was created. From that moment, the great visibility of the team and athletes who rode Guerciotti brought the possibility to enter in such new markets as South Africa and Asia (Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan). In 2008, Gilberto Simoni rode Guerciotti at the Giro d’Italia, coming back to win a stage with Alessandro Bertolini.

Guerciotti Reparto Corse reached high levels in terms of R&D, design and technology, thanks to the experience by great riders. Market-leading, popular and demanded throughout the world, Guerciotti is now entering the second decade of the new millennium, with the goal to obtain important sporting and commercial results… to satisfy the needs and requests of all the lovers of Guerciotti stars.

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